September 5, 2004.  The Labor Day match. 

100 yard reduced targets.

Competitor                      Rifle            Stdg        R Sit        R Pr.       Pr Sl           Total

Jim Flick                         AR              84           95-4X       95-3X    177-2X        451-9X

Troy Shearer                    AR               82-1X     84           89        151-2X        406-3X

Don Myers                       AR               64-1X    82            76         127-1X        349-2X

Matt Young                      AR               46          45           79         124             294-0X

Pete Mathews                  M1              82            80            87-2X    190 3X        439-3X

Don Green                       M1              86-1X      76            92          183-3X        437-4X

Mark Thompson               M1              88          78            92-1X     166-2X        424-3X

Gary Williams                 M1              78            88           88          183-1X        424-1X

Jerry Szymanowski          HK (almost) 77            67            87-1X     167-1X        398-2X

Tom Kozlowski               SKS             0             11            18          103-1X        132-1X

Verified by Pete Mathews, Club Secretary, September 5, 2004.  

What a nice day!  The mosquitoes even gave us a break - there were surprisingly few around.

 We had three guys on a Friday eve relay and seven more on Sunday in two relays. 

Tom Kozlowskiís sights on his SKS gave him fits, everybody else had minimal mal-functions.  We all learn something in each match we shoot. 

This was our best attended match of the year - we could easily handle more than twice as many shooters in the same amount of time.  It isnít easy to get guys out to have fun!

The next match is October 3rd.  There will be a relay at 5 PM on the 2nd providing the creek donít rise.  Email or call Pete Mathews if you want a Saturday relay.  If at least four guys will shoot, we will have the Saturday relay.

Thanks to everybody who shot and for the help.