For the match held October 30, 2005 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club

                                                          O. H.            R.Sit            R. Pr.            Sl. Pr.                     Total

Pete Mathews               M1                77 1X            72               94                 185 4X                  428 5X

Jim Flick                       M1A             86                  87               91 2X            163 1X                 427 3X

Terry Williams              P17               55 1X             47               76                  167                      345 1X

Another beautiful day!  We waited until 9 AM thinking some of the guys might have forgotten to change their clocks and then shot with the guys that showed up.  The expected fog didnít appear so we finished by about 11 AM.

Thanks for coming.

Our next match, the last for 2005, is November 13.  We will start at 8:30 AM fog permitting.  There wonít be any activities afterward so we wonít be rushed.

Iíd like to hear your opinions about our scheduling some matches for Sunday afternoons next year.  Those that attend church could come and it would be warmer in the colder months.  Please email me back with your thoughts.

Pete Mathews