For the match held November 13, 2005 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                    O. H.      R.Sit        R. Pr.         Sl. Pr.               Total

Ben Jendruczak                 M1       82        92-1X      92-3X        185-3X            451-7X

Dave Dunkle                     AR        81        96-3X      90-2X        182                  449-5X

Jim Flick                           M1A    82        94-3x       90               166                  432 3x

Pete Mathews                  M1       74        77             84-1X        185-2X            420-3X

Terry Williams                  P17      54        74             81              170                  375

Gary Williams                   P17     50         84             88              136                  358

Justin Turner                   M1       34          61             63             142                  300     

Another beautiful day!  It started out as if we would get wet, but cleared up nicely.

Justin Turner, age 12, shot a Garand for only the second time.  Watch out!  As Satchel Page said “don’t look back, they’re gaining on you”.  Justin’s day is coming, mine is going.  Gary Williams shot an Enfield he rebarreled Saturday night – his slow prone group was a dandy, although it was low, it shows the rifle will shoot.

I think everybody had fun, I did.  This was our last match of 2005, we plan a match the last Sunday in February, 2006.  Let’s hope for plus 32 degree weather!

Thanks to all you shooters.

Pete Mathews