For the match held May 29, 2005 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club

                                                     O. H.            R.Sit            R. Pr.            Sl. Pr.                         Total

Pete Mathews     M1                   85 1X            86                   89              190 3X                        450 4X

Dave Dunkle       M1A                90 2X             94 3X            90 3X         171 1X                        445 9X

Jim Flick              M1A                86                 94                  88                148                             416

Kevin Forcier      M1A                79                 66                   85               139                              369

Terry Williams  P17 Enfld            66                 47                   74               160 1X                        347 1X

We were blessed with a nice day and good scores.  I think everyone shot a better score than they shot in the last match. 

As Kevin Forcier said:  I learn something new at every match.  We all did!  Jim got Kevin’s M1A to cycle by opening the gas valve.  Simple, but effective.  And we thought it was the cold weather that was causing it to not cycle back in February!

We had a lot of fun – a few more shooters would have been nice, but we all got home in time for Sunday dinner.

Hope to see everybody at the June 26, 2005 match.

Pete Mathews