For the match held June 26, 2005 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club

                                                O. H.            R.Sit            R. Pr.            Sl. Pr.               Total

Pete Mathews     M1                   81              85               87 2X           184 3X              437 5X

Dave Dunkle       M1A                78              91 2X          86                166 2X              421 4X

Jim Flick              M1A                64            85                 94 1X           166                  409 1X

Terry Williams  P17 Enfld            67             66                 77                175                  385 

If you remember, we were complaining about the cold during the first three or four matches of the year.  In fact, we never thought it would get so hot we would have to complain about that too, but guess what?  It was one hot morning at this match!  I had trouble with my shooting glasses fogging.  My sight picture got more blurred as I fired each rapid fire shot!

            They say if it is cold you can put more clothes on, but you can only take so many clothes when it is hot!  It does average out, cold and hot, so what’s the difference.

We had fun! 

Thanks for coming.

Pete Mathews