For the match held March 13, 2005 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.            R.Sit            R. Pr.            Sl. Pr.                     Total

Reed Dunkle        M1A  c        89            94 1X              93             188 3X                        464 4X

Dave Dunkle        M1               82 1X      86 1X              83             183 1X                        434 3X

Jeff Lewis             M1               69            87 1X              86             167 1X                        409 2X           

Gary Williams    Spgfld            67           77 1X               90 2X       173 1X                        407 4X

Terry Williams  P17 Enfld       57            68                     76            168 4X                        369 4X

Ben Jendruczaic M1                80            25                    57            180 2X                        342 2X

Grant Nickerson AR15            32            46                    66             121                              265

It did warm up from February, if you call 20 degrees warm.  We will call it The Nice Winter Day Match.

Dave Dunkle filed a protest because I let his son Reed  shoot the SR 1 target though out the match.  Dave, you will just have to live with it!

Thanks to all who came.  It is always nice to see new shooters and juniors.  Grant, congratulations on shooting your first match.  I hope we will see you again.

The next match is April 24th perhaps by then it will be shirt sleeve weather?  

Pete Mathews