For the match held February 27, 2005 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


Dave Dunkle        M1A                 86 1X               92 1X           86                   183 3X                        447 5X

Gary Williams    Spgfld                 72 1X                71                 85                   189 8X                        417 5X

Jim Flick              M1A                85 1X                81 1X           80                   149                              395 2X

Kevin Forcier      M1                   52                      73                71 1X              119 1X                        315 2X

Terry Williams  P17 Enfld                     No score reported


We have to call this the “Ice cube match”.  It was one degree when I left home.  The brave souls who shot are to be congratulated.  I could see Gary Williams cocking knob move forward when he pulled the trigger! Of course it did not fire until he cleaned the oil off the firing pin assembly.  Then Dave Dunkle’s sighter group had to be less than an inch!  The cold didn’t affect him!

Thanks to everybody for coming.  The next match is March 13 – it has to be warmer then!

Pete Mathews