For the match held August 27, 2006 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                             O. H.        R.Sit            R. Pr.          Sl. Pr.               Total


Vic Shine                      AR15             93-0X        98-3X         91-0X        186-4X            468-7X


Jim Flick                       M1A              83 1-X       93 1-X        87 0-X       177 1-X           440-3X


Pete Mathews              M1                 79-0X        81-0X         92-1X        169-1X            421-2X


Dave Dunkle                M1A              89-0X        70-0X         83-1X        168-0X            410-1X


Gary Williams               M1                75 0-X       73 0-X        90 0-X       167 2-X           405-2X


Jordan Turner  Jr. (2)    AR                67 0-X       67 1-X        58 0-X       153 1 X           345-2X


Jordan Turner  Jr. (1)    AR                62 0-X       57 0-X        74 0-X       148 1-X           341-1X


Kevin Turner                M1                60 0-X       52 0-X        11 0-X       165 1X             288-1X


Mike Jobe                    Spgfld           36 0-X         7  0-X        43 0-X       122 1-X           208-1X


Ben Williams   Jr.          AR                31 0-X      27 0-X         12 0-X         97 0-X           167-0X




The rain held off until we finished, then it really came down.  It was a little humid and our glasses fogged, at least that’s my best excuse!

We wondered for awhile if we would get any shooters with the rain, but ended up with ten for score.  Not bad for us!  We are slowly building a nice group of shooters – the juniors participating are our future and they bring their parents!  Juniors are welcome at our club – bring your friends.  There will be a day when the bottom scores on this list are the top scores.

Pete Mathews