For the match held July 30, 2006 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club

                                                             O. H.              R.Sit             R. Pr.               Sl. Pr.               Total

Vic Shine                        AR15            93-1X            99-6X            95-3X            188-1X           475-11X

Dave Dunkle                   M1A            84-0X            95-3X            86-0X            170-1X            435-4X

Terry Williams                 P17             58-0X            80-0X            80-1X            168-3X            386-1X

Jordan Turner  Jr.            M1              49-0X            52-0X            82-0X            130-0X            313-0X

Jeb Davis  Jr.                  Carb            61-0X            44-0X            52-0X            134-1X             291-1X

Pete Mathews                 Carb            36-0X            24-0X            80-0X            144-0X             284-0X

Jeff Mott  Jr.                   Carb              5-0X            20-0X            29-0X              91-0X              145-0X

Wow!  It was hot!  As usual the good shooters shot well and the rest of us just shot.

We had three junior shooters and four adults.  Who said there that we canít find any junior shooters.  Several of the juniors are making nice progress too.

And, just for our information, I am working on my trigger control with the M1 Carbine.

Thanks to all you shooters.

Bring more juniors with you for the next match.

Pete Mathews