For the match held June 25, 2006 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                           O. H.              R.Sit               R. Pr.            Sl. Pr.               Total

Vic Shine                      AR15            97-2X            98-3X            98-2X            192-6X           485-13X

G. Lander (Jr.)             AR15            94-2X            97-2X            87-1X            196-2X            474-7X

Joe Paradisi                  AR15            84-0X            95-1X            97-2X            184-4X            460-7X

Dave Dunkle                 M1A            88-1X            93-2X            91-1X            172-4X            444-8X

Pete Mathews               M1               65-0X            79-1X            82-1X            172-1X            398-3X

Terry Williams               P17              72-0X            61-0X            65-0X            168-3X            366-3X

Jim Flick                       M1A            73-0X            84-0X            84-1X            153-0X             394-1X

Con Shearer                 AR15            76-0X            76-0X            88-1X            99-0X              339-1X

Vic Shine showed us some fine shooting this day.  He was on his game and the rest of us had to think up good excuses. 

It was a nice day, not too hot, sunny, but not too bright.  Even the mosquitos gave us a break.

We’ll all do better next time.

Thanks to all you shooters.

Pete Mathews