For the match held November 11, 2007 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.         R.Sit           R. Pr.         Sl. Pr.                          Total


Vic Shine                      AR       99-3X      98-5X        96-1X  1     98-6X                        491-15X


Dave Dunkle                M1A    82-0X       96-3X        89-2X       183-1X                        450-6X


Kevin Forcier               M1       78-0X      72-0X        76-0X        165-1X                        391-1X


Pete Mathews              M1       74-0X      86-1X        77-0X        166-1X                       383-2X


Troy Shearer                AR       79-0X      83-0X        56-0X        159-2X                        377-2X


Con Shearer                 9mm     85-0X     35-0X         68-0X        159-2X                       347-2X


Josh Black                    AR       61-0X     72-0X         57-0X           93-0X                       283-0X


300 Possible Bolt Gun Match


Mike Hovis                  K31     72-1X                         57-0X            84-1X                       213-2X


Again, we lucked out on the weather.  It was a little cold early, but warmed up enough that the shooters fingers didnít freeze.  Vic (no sleep) Shine shot a beautiful 491-15X, a course record. Nice shooting Vic!  Kevin shot his best score to date, a respectable 391-1X.  And beat me!  Another nice going Kevin Ė and you got your clock changed back to EST, didnít you?  Con, Dave found 21 holes in your slow prone target so he took away the lowest scoring shot.  I hope there wasnít a hole in your target when you started -  anyway you benefited by only losing the worst shot.  Josh did a nice job for his first match with an unfamiliar rifle.  Come back and shoot again, and again and again!

Iíve got to get one of those short 9mm jobs like Con shoots.  Our rifles go boom and his goes pop, but it pokes them in there.  I can appreciate how hard it is to hold that ďrifleĒ.  Note the 85 he shot standing!  I wonder what that little gun would do at 200 yards?  We just might find out some winter day at Greenville next spring.


I canít say more than thanks a million you to all the guys that shot with us at the Springs Rod & Gun Club this year.  We have had a lot of support from shooters from other clubs which has, by the looks, got us rolling.  It has been slow, but we are seeing better turn outs and some new faces.  We didnít ever and donít expect to rake in piles of money from rifle shooting, we see it as a fun thing and a minor source of income for the club.

Weíll start again in February.  I feel cold already!