For the match held February 25, 2007 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.        R.Sit         R. Pr.       Sl. Pr.                     Total


Victor Shine                 AR       91 2X      99 2X      97 2X      191 4X                      478 10X

Dave Dunkle                M1A    82 0X      85 1X      87 0X      161 1X                      415 2X

Terry Williams              P17      61 0 X     85 2X      81 0X      171 1X                      398 3X

Pete Mathews              M1       66 0X      61 0X      87 1X      175 4X                      389 5X

Kevin Forcier               M1       27 0X       71 0X     71 0X      162 1X                      331 1X

Dave Shaw (Jr.)           Carb     28 0X      41 0X      31 0X      107 0X                      207 0X


For being under a storm watch, we had a pretty nice day.  The east wind made it feel a little cold, nothing like last yearís deep freeze though!  Everybody swayed a little in off hand with the strong wind.  Look what it did to Vic, he only managed a 91-2X!  Kevin had ammunition problems and changing ammo changed his zero.  I swear I had several flyers shooting ammo that had been stored outside all winter.  Thatís my excuse anyway.  Terry Williams shot a fine score with his bolt gun and he fired his rounds in the same time frame as the semi-autoís.  Heís sneaking up on some of us!

Keep those junior shooters coming!

Thanks to all who shot.  We hope to do it again at the March 25th match.

Pete Mathews