For the match held June 24, 2007 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.   R.Sit     R. Pr.   Sl. Pr.                          Total

Vic Shine                      AR       93 2X  99 7X 97 2X  193 10X                     482 21X


Dave Dunkle                M1A    87 0X  96 5X  94 3X 176 4X                       453 14X


Jim Flick                       AR       89 2X  93 1X  89 1X  172 1X                      443 5X


Scott Young                 AR       69 0X  87 1X  88 2X  168 0X                      412 3X


Terry Williams              Maus.   70 0X  61 0X  85 0X 179 1X                       395 1X


Pete Mathews              M1       53 0X  69 0X  88 1X 176 1X                       386 2X


Dan Gruver                  M1A    70 0X  67 1X  54 0X  135 0X                       326 1X                       


Bob Servidio                AR       56 0X  61 0X  56 0X  139 0X                       312 0X


Randy Mead                AR       64 0X  49 0X  82 0X  89 0X                          284 0X


Bob Stein                     AR       54 0X  63 0X  35 0X  36 0X                          188 0X


What a nice day we had to shoot.  Just the right temperature, no heavy sweating or fogging glasses.

As usual Vic shot the lights out!  Nice shooting Vic!

We are super pleased with the new shooters, new to our matches anyway.  Although some total scores shot by these guys donít look impressive, there are flashes of quality shooting in a position here and there.

Dave says a membership in the SR&GC is only $20!  That gets you access to the range,  practice targets, invites to our monthly potluck suppers and all other membership rights.  If enough guys want to practice say Saturday prior to a match we can all get together to do some coaching to improve scores.  Let us know if this idea spurs some interest.          

Pete Mathews