For the match held July 29, 2007 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.         R.Sit           R. Pr.        Sl. Pr.                          Total

Vic Shine                      AR       94 3X        94 1X       92 1X       191 4X                       471 9X


Jim Flick                       AR       78 0X        97 3X        89 0X       174 1X                      438 4X


Dave Dunkle                M1A    84 1X        92 1X        88 0X       164 1X                       428 3X


Dan Gruver                  M1A    79 1X        81 1X        83 1X       161 1X                       404 4X                       


Pete Mathews              M1       71 0X        77 0X        84 0X       164 0X                       396 0X


Jordan Turner (Jr.)        AR       53 0X        62 0X       33 0X         68 0X                       215 0X


We had a hot morning with high humidity for the match.  Better than sub-freezing cold, but we contended with fogging glasses and bright sunshine and shadows.  All were good excuses.  Jim flick had a good day – he almost cleaned his rapid sitting target.  On the other hand Jordan Turner was rusty and couldn’t get it going, maybe it was that cheap ammo!

We had three spectators, maybe they will be shooters at the next match.

Thanks to all the shooters who participated.  It seems we are drawing a few more shooters this year.  Not so many that we can say we are where we want to be, but six is surely better than three!  We shall perservere!

Anybody want to practice the afternoon before the matches?  If so let Dave know at 398-4052.