For the match held October 26, 2008 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.   R.Sit    R. Pr.   Sl. Pr.                         Total

Dave Dunkle               M1       87-1X  88-1X  85-0X  184-3X                        444-5X

Pete Mathews             M1       84-0X  93-2X  90-0X  174-0X                        441-2X                       

Mike Jobe                    03A3   83-0X  72-0X  85-0X  192-4X                        432-4X

Carlos Davila              M1       27-0X  33-0X  35-0X  85-0X                          180-0X 

Zackariah Davila (Jr.)  AR      5-0X    22-0X  27-0X  45-0X                          99-0X 

We squeezed in the match between predicted rain and ended up shooting in sunshine.  In fact the brightness made shooting a little more difficult.  The scores for the regulars were actually the best of the year even with the bright conditions.

With five shooters we can share the winners podium: Dave won the overall match and the Garand Match, Mike took the bolt gun match and Zackariah won the junior match.  Nice going  winners!

Dave was pleased with the trigger job Ben Jendruzak did on his Garand: Pete says the old adage is: “Sun’s up, sights up, Sun’s down, sights down”.  Why did he end up shooting low in slow prone?  It’s called stupidity!

Everybody said they had fun, that’s the point of shooting.

Thanks for coming – the next and last match of the year is November 9th.  Again there will not be an afternoon relay due to the scheduled turkey shoot.