For the match held May 18, 2008 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.   R.Sit     R. Pr.   Sl. Pr.                          Total


Dave Dunkle (2)           M1       91-1X  82-1X  87-0X  179-1X                        439-3X


Dave Dunkle (1)           M1       77-0X  83-0X  89-0X  169-0X                        418-0X


Mike Jobe (1)              03A3   68-1X  74-1X  87-1X  179-1X                        408-4X


Mike Jobe (2)              03A3   75-0X  79-0X  90-2X  162-0X                        406-2X


Terry Williams (1)         M98     55-0X  82-0X  71-0X  175-2X                        383-2X


Alan Seaman (2)           Carb.   47-0X  50-0X  76-0X  163-1X                        336-1X


Tim Dronko (1)            AR       34-0X  23-0X  25-0X  73-1X                          155-1X                       


Rain, rain and more rain.  When is spring coming?  The poor weather obviously kept our shooters away.  Those that shot still had fun, I think, even though I heard complaints about how cold it was.  Im ordering nice 72 degree weather for the next match!

Mike Jobe is coming along with his 03A3 a 90-2X in rapid prone (shot in 70 seconds) is a nice score and the 179-1X in slow prone, nice as well.  Last year his shoulder got beat up, this year he is taking it out on the target!

Thanks to you guys who came out.


Pete Mathews