For the match held June 29, 2008 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.   R.Sit     R. Pr.   Sl. Pr.                          Total


Pete Mathews              M1       74-0X  79-1X  79-0X  169-3X                        401-4X


Terry Williams M98     66-0X  84-0X  74-0X  153-1X                        377-1X


Kyle Mummert (Jr.)      Carb    66-0X  72-1X  62-0X  167-0X                        367-1X


Alan Seaman                Carb.   68-0X  59-0X  70-0X  151-1X                        348-0X


Mike Jobe                    03A3   71-0X  66-0X  72-2X  137-0X                        346-2X


Con Shearer                 M1       50-0X  62-0X  64-0X  148-1X                        324-1X


Dave Shaw (Jr.)           P17      33-1X  17-0X  57-0X  82-0X                          189-1X


The monsoons let up so we shot the first relay at 8:30 AM in decent weather, but the second relay at 1:30 PM cancelled (chickened) out due to heavy rains.  There were only two guys interested in the afternoon relay anyway.

I guess we all had the wobbles, nobody shot good, some just caught the wobble at the right time.  I’ll have to take the win – the better shooters were going to shoot in the afternoon.  Keep that timely rain coming!

Kyle Mummert, a junior, shot his carbine very well -  without a sling.  Dave Shaw, another junior, shot a 06 bolt gun for the first time.  An 06 in a bolt gun moves a junior around a bit, doesn’t it Dave?  You will get on to it, keep shooting!

We all had fun even though we had our ego’s bashed.

Thanks for coming!


Pete Mathews