For the match held July 27, 2008 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.   R.Sit     R. Pr.   Sl. Pr.                          Total



Dave Dunkle                M1       83-0X  82-0X  90-1X  176-2X                        431-3X


Alan Seaman                Carb.   76-0X  76-0X  85-0X  168-1X                        405-1X


Terry Williams          M98         87-1X  81-0X  71-0X  161-0X                        400-1X


Mike Jobe                    03A3   59-0X  76-0X  84-0X  175-2X                        394-2X


Jordan Turner (Jr.)        AR       75-0X  66-0X  62-1X  102-0X                        305-1X           


Kevin Turner                M1       35-0X  50-0X  77-1X  129-0x                         291-1X


Dave Shaw (Jr.)           P17      24-0X  16-0X  26-0X  50-0X                          116-0X


It was a nice day and most of the scores were a little better than last month.   Terry Williams shot the best standing score of the day, 87-1X Ė congrats Terry!

Yours  truly had a kidney stone lasered Friday and wasnít up to shooting.  I guess that means I shot a zero!

It was nice to see a couple junior shooters.  Donít you juniors despair, you day is coming. 

Thanks to everybody who shot, it is you who keep us going.


Pete Mathews