For the match held

October 25, 2009 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                     O. H.      R.Sit       R. Pr.       Sl. Pr.               Total


Dave Dunkle               O3A3        72-1X    88-0X    85-0X      183-1X             428-2X           


Pete Mathews              M1            79-0X   76-0X     84-0X     179-0X              418-0X


Greg Evans                  M1            61-0X   41-0X     77-0X     153-0X              332-0X


Carlos Davila              AR            46-0X   48-0X     78-0X     100-0X              272-0X


Carlos Davila              AR            13-0X   53-0X     77-0X     110-0X              252-0X


It turned out to be a much nicer day than was forecast, BUT the bright sun in the face and the drastic contrast from sun to shaded targets made shooting a bit tough - now that is a great excuse!  We have some ideas on brightening up the targets that will be implemented at the next match.


We expected more shooters, but they turned out to be spectators.  Long ago I learned never to go to a shooting event to watch, go to shoot!  There is no penalty for finishing last or way down in the scoring list.  Remember, the guys that didnít shoot earned a ZERO!


We have one more match for 2009.  That is scheduled for November 8th, there will be two relays, one at 8:30 AM and one at 10:30 AM.  There is a turkey shoot the same day which will start at 1 PM.  You are welcome to stay for the turkey shoot


Thanks for coming!



Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)