October 4, 2009 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                   Rifle             O. H.     R.Sit     R. Pr.       Sl. Pr.                    Total


Bart Wineland              03A3           87-0     91-1X    93-0X   189-3X                  460-4X


Ben Jendruczak            03A3           83-0X  87-1X    88-1X   187-2X                  445-4X


Vic Shine                      03A3          74-0X  93-1X    90-0X   187-2X                  444-3X


Mike Jobe                    03A3          72-0X  96-3X    93-1X   178-3X                  439-7X


Joe Paradisi                  03A3          86-2X  83-0X    91-1X   179-1X                  439-4X


Joe Shrader                  Mdl98         93-0X  93-3X    93-1X   159-2X                  438-6X


Dave Dunkle                03A3           81-1X  64-0X    76-0X   188-3X                  409-4X           


Pete Mathews              03A3           92-1X  59-0X    50-0X   186-4X                  387-5X


Dave Shaw                   P-17            61-0X  28-0X   64-0X   144-2X                  297-2X



Other Rifles


Matt Smith                   AR               55-0X  77-0X    78-0X   158-0X                  368-0X


Greg Evans                   M1              54-1X  70-0X    72-0X   171-1X                  367-2X


Jeff Mott                      M1               53-0X  33-0X    48-0X   168-0X                  302-0X


The 50-50 winner was ticket number 911443.  Let me know who you are to collect.    


We were pleased with the weather and the number of shooters that came out to honor Terry Williams.  We thank Terry’s family for the wonderful idea of this match and the purpose of supporting youth in local shooting sports. 

Congratulations to Bart Wineland for shooting the high bolt gun score and winning the match.  His name and score along with the year will be engraved on the trophy plaque.  Terry shot for a number of years at the White Oak Shooting Club at Greenville where Bart regularly participates – that makes his win extra nice.

To have two of Terry’s grandsons shoot in the match really made the occasion more significant.  Remember boys, your grandfather never won a match that I know of, but he had great fun.  That is a lesson for living a full life!

Now for the what ifs – if Joe Shrader had primers in his last two shells he may have contested Bart for high score.  I shot good at the start and at the end, but blew it in the middle.  I will work on the middle.  Those 30 caliber, 200 grain cast bullets with 12 grains of Unique shoot just fine and recoil is just about non-existant.


Thanks everybody, you made the event a success.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)