For the match held

November 8, 2009 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.   R.Sit    R. Pr.   Sl. Pr.                         Total


Jim Flick                     M1       85-1X  79-0X  71-0X  191-3X                        426-4X


Dave Dunkle               M1A    90-0X  74-1X  85-1X  166-0X                        415-2X           


Greg Evans                  M1       76-0X  68-0X  60-1X  160-1X                        364-2X


Troy Shearer               AR       82-0X  53-0X  88-0X  139-0X                        362-0X


Carlos Davila              AR       74-0X  38-0X  84-0X  137-0X                        333-0X


Troy Shearer (2)         M1       55-1X  45-0X  52-0X  174-1X                        362-2X


Karl Sanders               AR       72-0X  50-0X  67-0X  130-0X                        319-0X


Dave Shaw (Jr)           P-17    61-0X  46-0X  76-0X  127-0X                        310-0X


Pete Mathews              M1       42-0X  72-0X  20-0X  175-2X                        309-2X


Michelle Juracko         AR       47-0X  69-0X  53-0X  61-0X                          230-0X



What a day!  Shirt sleeve weather on the 8th of November!  The bright sun made shooting tough, but we will take the weather without complaint.


We had two Edinboro University students shooting their first high power match, both did well.  Michelle put all her offhand shots on the target.  She has potential!!!

Karl’s 72 offhand shows he has shot something before.


Dave Shaw shot his grandfather’s P-17 – I noticed his smooth motions in operating the bolt in rapid prone.  His score of 76, shooting an 06 was outstanding – another junior to watch.


Carlos has been finishing second – from the bottom.  I bumped him out of that position.  He shot his best score to date!  Sixth from the bottom Carlos!


Jim Flick’s 191-3X was probably the best slow prone score shot this year. 

Jim shined in 09, he won the match!


Me?  I’m rebuilding my rear sight!  My point of impact went down when I tried to adjust the sight to shoot higher and actually shot higher when I tried to adjust it down, but not high enough.  I ended up using “Kentucky Windage” for my prone sequence.

I notice that poking a few holes in the wrong target really hurts your score!


Look for our next match in February.  You can guess how warm it will be on that day.


Thanks for coming!