For the match held February 22, 2009 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.   R.Sit    R. Pr.        Sl. Pr.                         Total

Dave Dunkle               M1A    88-1X  97-3X  90-2X     186-5X                        460 -11


Pete Mathews             M1       84-0X  86-0X  87-1X     192-3X                        449-4X


Mike Jobe                    03A3   82-1X  77-0X  90-0X     177-1X                        426-2X


Jim Flick                      M1       77-0X  77-0X  71-0X     174-2X                        399-2X


Con Shearer                M1       65-1X  68-0X  90-1X     166-1X                        389-3X


Greg Evans                 M1       62-0X  65-0X  69-0X      147-1X                        343-1X


Mike Mioduszewski    Mini14  6-0X  59-0X  83-0X       186-4X                        334-4X


Matt Smith                    AR      82-0X  65-0X  61-0X     121-0X                        329-0X


Andy Connolly           AR      32-1X  10-0X  41-0X        119-0X                        202-1X


Alan Seaman               AR      28-0X  26-0X  49-0X         98-1X                          201-1X


Carlos Davila              HP 9    43-0X    6-0X  26-0X           0                                  75-0X


Zak Davila                  Carb    0          0          7-0X              0                                    7-0X



Twelve competitors is the best turn-out we have had in a while.  Three were from Rochester, NY.  The weather was a little damp at first, but the rain let up as we finished.  It didnít matter much since we shoot from beneath our canopy.

Zakariah had trouble finding the target, he didnít get help when some expert adjusted his sights and turned the windage screw the wrong way.  That only made it worse for him, especially when the elevation mechanism couldnít be adjusted for a good Six-Oíclock hold either.  It could have been moving too!  His dad shot a Hi-Point Carbine in 9mm, not the most proficient target rifle although the least costly on the line.  Then there was Mike Mioduszewski shooting a scoped Ruger Mini 14.  I guess we better forget about this being a sanctioned match Ė it wasnít intended to be such. 

Dave Dunkle has the bad habit of beating me by a single point.  Guess what?  He shot the wrong target and ended up with a total score of 450.  How disgusting!  Since he and Con shot together in the afternoon relay and put up two targets at a time to speed up the match, we gave him the shot so he ended up with a total of 460.  It makes me feel better.  I think I shot my best score ever!  And lost!  And I started from standing in both of the rapid series Ė pretty good for old bones!  It isnít the getting down, itís the getting back up!

Some of the regulars shot the national match targets for the first time.  That can be cruel and for some it was!

We donít shoot again for a month so, hopefully, all wounds will heal and all of you will come back another day.  Remember, if you shoot poorly, congratulate the guys that shot well.  Then when you shoot well they will congratulate you.  That is what will bring more shooters back and make this game more fun for all.

Thanks for coming!


Pete Mathews (398-4368)

Dave Dunkle   (398-4052