For the match held May 24, 2009 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.   R.Sit     R. Pr.   Sl. Pr.                          Total


Mike Jobe                    03        70-0X  86-1X  93-2X  180-0X                        429-3X


Pete Mathews              M1       68-0X  76-0X  77-0X  186-1X                        407-1X


Seth Jones                    AR       79-0X  72-0X  78-1X  163-1X                        392-2X


Dan Groover                AR       72-0X  83-2X  79-0X  154-2X                        388-4X


Greg Evans                   M1       53-0X  68-2X  84-0X  154-1X                        359-3X


Preston Morrow           M1       60-0X  62-0X  76-0X  157-1X                        355-1X


Alan Seaman                AR       56-0X  61-0X  73-0X  142-0X                        332-0X


Mike Mioduszewski     Mini14 26-0X  56-0X  40-0X  149-0X                        271-0X


George Schroeck         AR       No Score Reported



Another beautiful day for a rifle match!  The scores were down a bit, Mike shot well with his bolt gun and took top spot on the list.  The bright sun was of such an angle that the targets were shaded, that made shooting a little tough.  It still was better than rain, or even SNOW!  It was nice to see some new faces.  Seth Jones, a junior, shooting in his first match did extremely well.  Didn’t Satchel Paige say “Don’t look back, they are gaining on you” -  we had all better watch out!  That may be a little old for some of you.  George Schroeck dug out a rifle he hadn’t shot in a decade and had a time getting on the target.  He will be ready next month.

Thanks to all who came to the match.  See you in June.

Remember to let us know if you plan to shoot in the afternoon relay.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)

Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)