For the match held June 28, 2009 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.   R.Sit     R. Pr.   Sl. Pr.                          Total

Dave Dunkle                M1A    88-0X  96-0X  85-0X  179-1X                        448-1X


Pete Mathews              M1       86-1X  83-0X  89-1X  189-2X                        447-4X


Mike Jobe                    03        81-1X  89-1X  94-1X  182-0X                        446-3X


Seth Jones                    AR       80-0X  81-1X  75-0X  142-0X                        378-1X


Greg Evans                   M1       59-0X  47-0X  62-0X  167-0X                        335-0X


Mike Mioduszewski     AR       81-1X  79-0X  61-0X  83-0X                          304-1X


Kyle Mummert    M1 Carb       42-0X  30-0X  48-0X  124-0X                        244-0X


George Schroeck         AR       No Score Reported



Here we go again, Dave Dunkle by a point!  Disgusting!  The good thing is, we as a group, are showing improvement.  Mike Mioduszewski would have been in there at the top too if he hadnít had gun problems and Seth Jones, a junior, shooting in his third match will have to be watched.  It makes a match more fun for everyone when a bunch of shooters shoot good scores. 

The weather was a little damp early in the morning and we had a light rain in the afternoon.  In between it was quite nice.

Remember the Terry Williams Memorial Bolt Gun Match is scheduled for October 4th.  Practice up!  All proceeds that day will be used to support junior shooting programs at our club.  Terry was interested in junior programs and we are trying to increase our support of junior shooting programs as his legacy.

Thanks for coming,



Pete Mathews (398-4368)

Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)