For the match held July 26, 2009 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


                                                O. H.       R.Sit        R. Pr.      Sl. Pr.                          Total


Pete Mathews              M1       78-1X      79-0X    81-1X    170-1X                        408-3X


Dan Gruver                  AR        82-0X      86-1X    83-0X    153-1X                        404-2X


George Schroeck       AR-SP    84-0X      85-1X    73-0X    157-0X                        399-1X


Jason Turner                 M1       58-0X      75-0X    71-1X    177-1X                        381-2X


Mike Mioduszewski     AR       78-0X      68-0X    79-0X     145-1X                        370-1X


Kyle Mummert    M1 Carb       60-0X      59-0X    75-0X    166-0X                        360-0X


Greg Evans                   M1       78-0X      55-2X    64-1X    161-1X                        358-4X


Seth Jones                    AR       80-0X      74-0X    64-0X    116-0X                        334-0X


Bart Wineland              M1A    76-0X      93-1X    81-0X       ------                          250-1X


The weather forecast called for continuing showers through the morning – we dodged that bullet and enjoyed a very nice day.  The scores were down and we all had our excuses, perhaps Bart’s was the best.  His experiment with cast bullets crashed with jamming problems.  I apparently turned my sights down when I wanted to raise my point of impact.  That just doesn’t work out well!  Oh well, Murphy strikes again and stupidity rules!  With all the problems several people shot their best scores to date.  Congratulations to those folks! 

I always tell people to shoot to improve your best score.  If you must win every time out, you will not stay with any of the shooting games.  As a veteran trap shooter, I can aver that we all have our day, but it isn’t every day.  Jules Adam, God Rest His Soul, said it best, “When it is your day and you finish on top, others will shake your hand.  When it is not your day and you finish at the bottom, be sure to shake the hands of the guys who finished on top”.

With that said, thanks for coming.

Dave said he corrected an arithmetic error or two so your score may be different than what you turned in.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)

Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)