For the Terry Williams Memorial match held

October 3, 2010 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club



Bart Wineland             O3A3  85-1X  91-1X  94-3X  185-2X                        455-7X


Ben Jendruzak             O3A3  87-0X  89-1X  90-0X  184-1X                        450-2X


Dan Gruver                 Spgfld  71-0X  78-0X  89-1X  180-2X                        418-3X


Dave Shaw (Jr)           O3A3  69-1X  63-0X  52-0X  154-0X                        338-1X


Jeff Mott (Jr)               M1       51-1X  70-0X  46-0X  161-0X                        328-1X


Mike Shaw (Jr)                       SKS                 no score reported       


Well, we squeezed in the morning relay just as the all night rain ended, however, the afternoon relay ended up cancelled as the rain returned and seemed to be coming down harder as we made the decision.  Bart had the match “in-the-bag” anyway.

When Dave and I looked at the weather forecast Saturday night it looked like it would be an “all nighter”, but we said the match would be a success if Terry’s grandsons came.  They did and it was a success. 

We want to make it absolutely clear that shooters can shoot any gun in this match.  The name of the high bolt gun shooters goes on the trophy plaque.  Other than that, this match is the same as any other match.  Please don’t think you are excluded because you don’t have a bolt gun to shoot.  Maybe we should have a rubber chicken for the “other gun” high score?

Anyway, thanks for coming. 

Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)