For the match held


February 21, 2010 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club



National Match Rifle Match


                                                     O. H.        R.Sit       R. Pr.         Sl. Pr.                     Total


Bart Wineland             M1A        88-1X       95-2X      90-1X      167-1X                   440-5X


Troy Shearer               AR           85-0X       89-0X      82-0X      164-1X                   420-1X


Seth Jones                   AR           73-0X       76-1X      66-0X      175-5X                   392-6X



Service Rifle Match


Pete Mathews              M1          78-1X       83-0X      87-0X      184-1X                    432-2X


Lyle Hoovler               M1          86-1X       77-0X      90-0X      163-0X                    416-1X


Bob Servidio               AR          66-0X       73-0X      88-0X      173-0X                    400-0X


Dave Dunkle               M1           87-0X       77-0X      50-1X      174-1X                    382-2X


Con Shearer    Kel-Tec 223       73-0X        71-0X      86-0X      152-0X                    382-0X           


Greg Evans                  M1          73-0X       65-2X      53-0X      170-1X                    361-3X


Carlos Davila              AR          64-0X      39-0X       75-0X      162-0X                    340-0X


Mike Shaw (Jr)          SKS          50-0X     34-0X       60-0X       133-0X                    277-0X


Par Bilyk*                   AR           53-0X     21-0X       62-0X       122-1X                    258-1X


Joe Kanya                    M1          Break down



Bolt Gun Match


Dave Shaw                  P-17        66-0X     47-0X       74-0X       135-0X                    322-0X



Sub-Junior .22 Match


Austin Shearer Cricket .22        41-0X     54-0X        67-0X        138-0X                   308-0X


For the last match I wrote: “What a day!  Shirt sleeve weather on the 8th of November!  The bright sun made shooting tough, but we will take the weather without complaint.”

I could almost say the same thing about February 21st, I think we had the nicest day in the month today!

The turnout was good for us, fiftteen shooters.  That is encouraging to say the least.

Several guys had rifle problems and their scores weren’t up to par.  That happens. It proves that Murphy is still around, especially at the first match of the year.  I was nervous after having rear sight problems in my last two matches.  Things seem to have held together today.  I was humbled, so I know how it feels!

It was especially nice to see the two Shaw boys shooting.  Their grandfather would have been pleased!  Dave won the bolt gun match.

It is worthy to note that sub,sub-junior Austin Shearer shot his cricket .22 at fifty yards and won that match.

Carlos Davila traveled the furthest to the match – from Rochester, NY.

Congratulations to those who shot well and congratulations to all who shot.  It wouldn’t be fun if there wasn’t a group with like interests.  Winning is fun, but just shooting over your average is fun too.  In fact shooting is fun! 


Thanks for coming!



Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)