For the match held


March 21, 2010 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club



National Match Rifle Match                                                    Rev. 03-22-10


                                                O. H.   R.Sit    R. Pr.   Sl. Pr.                         Total


Seth Jones  (Jr.)           AR       88-1X  90-2X  79-0X  169-1X                        426-4X


Bart Wineland             M1A    86-1X  87-0X  87-0X  164-2X                        424-3X


Troy Shearer               AR       86-0X  86-1X  87-0X  154-1X                        413-2X




Service Rifle Match


Pete Mathews              M1       79-1X  80-1X  82-0X  192-2X                        433-4X


Con Shearer                AR       63-0X  48-0X  58-0X  162-0X                        331-0X


Terry Sadler                AR       43-0X  70-0X  64-0X  143-0X                        320-0X



Bolt Gun Match


Dave Dunkle               03A3   80-0X  88-0X  75-0X  185-0X                        428-2X




We fooled the early weather forecast again and had another beautiful day.

Things looked pretty bleak at 9:00 AM when just Dave Dunkle and myself decided to go ahead and shoot as it surely looked like we were going to be “Lone Rangers”.  Fortunately a nice group showed up for the afternoon relay.

Today the match rifle shooters exchanged positions on the score sheet.  Junior shooter Seth Jones is on his way – check his standing score!

We always like to see new shooters, Terry Sadler filled that roll today.  Terry, you shot a better score than you thought when you left.  Dave reports several folks made arithmetic errors, me included.

Bart Wineland continues to develop a cast bullet load for his M1A.  We had all better develop some economical handloads; CMP’s new price on surplus 06 ammo of over 47 cents a round frightens me and certainly it isn’t going to help draw more Garand shooters into this game!  That along with the scarcity of rifle and pistol primers compounds the expense of shooting.  Maybe it is back to flintlocks and “Niter Beds”!

Our next match is April 25th, I hope you can make it.

Happy Easter!


Thanks for coming!