For the match held


April 25, 2010 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club




Service Rifle Match


Pete Mathews              M1       83-0X  83-0X  91-0X  191-2X                        448-3X


Greg Evans                  M1       58-0X  59-0X  74-0X  168-0X                        359-0X


Carlos Davila              AR       50-1X  64-0X  30-0X  166-1X                        310-2X


Matt Smith                   AR       52-0X  44-0X  85-1X  113-1X                        294-2X



Bolt Gun Match


Dave Shaw (Jr.)          P17      73-0X  42-0X  65-0X  160-0X                        340-0X


Ed Capello                  Maus   44-0X  56-0X  71-0X  157-1X                        328-1X


Art Shaw                     P17      38-0X  59-0X  43-1X  139-0X                        279-1X


The predicted rain did show up, but was so light that it didnít have any effect on the match.  In fact the rain stopped right after our sighter shots.

We had seven shooters on the first relay and none for the second in the afternoon, not an especially good turn-out, but not a bad one either.  We are gradually developing a pool of shooters, perhaps the days of having less than five shooters are over.  We surely would like to have more juniors and ladies shoot with us.  Remember we donít care what you shoot as long as it is within reason and is safe Ė just shoot something!  Donít feel that you are imposing if you need to borrow a rifle to shoot.  In fact that is a good way to see what rifle you like and may want to purchase in the future.  You can have a lot of fun shooting a rifle costing less than $200!

Art Shaw had a case burst and got a face full of residue.  Fortunately he was wearing glasses and didnít get anything in his eyes.  We are all thankful that the incident was not worse.  One cannot be too careful, especially when shooting surplus ammo.  Wear those shooting glasses!


Thanks for coming!



Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052