For the match held


May 23, 2010 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club




National Rifle Match


Seth Jones (Jr.)            AR       73-1X  96-1X  84-1X  157-0X                        410-3X



Service Rifle Match


Pete Mathews              M1       84-1X  84-1X  87-1X  178-2X                        433-5X


Lyle Hoovler               M1       76-0X  66-0X  88-0X  172-2X                        402-2X


Terry Sadler                SKS     83-1X  74-0X  68-0X  151-2X                        376-3X


Joe Kanya              T/C .22      49-0X  85-0X  80-2X  156-0X                        370-2X


Jim Jones                     SKS     75-0X  69-0X  53-0X  161-1X                        358-1X


Greg Evans                  M1       40-0X  58-0X  56-0X  161-0X                         315-0X           



Bolt Gun Match


Ed Capello                  03A3   39-0X  30-0X  23-0X  135-1X                        227-1X


The weather was kind today, bright sun and warm.  After the all day rain yesterday and the forecast saying the rain might continue Sunday morning, we didnít know quite what to expect.

We wonít shout about the scores, nor will we apologize.  I noticed several guys over correcting with sight adjustments and placing groups all around the bull.  I did some of that myself!  Several guys shoot different rifles each month so it is a learning experience every match.  The idea is to have fun so have at it.  I hope nobody was so distraught that they wonít shoot again.

There appears to be interest in shooting .22ís in these matches or in some kind of 100 yard match.  The ammo is less expensive and there isnít the need to hunt around for your brass.  The CMP has a 50 yard .22 match format much like the high power program.  We could extend the 50 yards to 100 yards and use that format and integrate the .22 shooting right into our high power match.  With the number of shooters we draw, we can do a lot of things.  As I said last month, we donít care much what you shoot as long as it is SAFE.  We can work out a program once you show up.


Thanks for coming!


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)