For the match held


June 27, 2010 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club



Seth Jones (Jr.)            AR       80-0X  82-0X  92-1X  186-3X                        440-4X


Pete Mathews              M1       76-1X  91-0X  82-1X  188-4X                        437-6X


Mike Mioduszewski    AR       70-0X  82-0X  89-3X  187-1X                        428-4X


Troy Shearer               M1       68-0X  85-0X  88-1X  174-1X                        415-2X


Ed Capello                  03A3   70-0X  51-0X  61-0X  153-0X                        335-0X


Art Shaw                     03A3   55-0X  59-0X  64-0X  157-0X                        335-0X


Carlos Davila              AR       61-0X  44-0X  49-0X  145-0X                        299-0X


Mike Shaw (Jr.)          SKS     60-1X  30-0X  41-0X  92-0X                          223-1X


Dave Shaw (Jr.)          P17      45-0X  40-0X  58-0X  78-0X                          221-0X




Well, my money is safe, it didn’t rain during the match as was predicted – I said it wouldn’t rain in my match announcement.  Maybe people will believe me next time!  It was humid and hot, but could have been worse.  We told the shooters requesting us to turn on the air conditioning that there is a six-month delay before it comes on.  We turned it on so expect some cold weather around Christmas!

The woodchuck that was on the sixty-yard line got away safely prior to the call to commence firing on the first relay.  We will get him next time!

Not seeing any master class shooters on the line, we decided to all shoot the SR-1 target throughout the match just for the heck of it.  It was nice to see junior shooter, Seth Jones, come out on top.  We had three junior shooters today – we would like to see even more.  I tell every shooter that they beat everybody that didn’t come by whatever their score was. 

Anybody know where or how to find more shooters?

Smith & Wesson has some kind of deal going on their M&P Rifles.  It may be the time to buy!    

Thanks for coming!


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)