For the 100 yard match held

July 25, 2010 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


National Match


Seth Jones (Jr.)            AR       83-1X  92-2X  89-0X  164-1X                        428-4X


Mike Mioduszewski    AR       86-1X  83-0X  84-1X  151-0X                        404-2X



Service Rifle


Pete Mathews              M1       53-0X  65-0X  86-0X  183-3X                        387-3X


Terry Sadler                SKS     70-0X  79-0X  86-1X  141-0X                        376-1X


Carlos Davila              AR       30-0X  65-0X  68-0X  132-0X                        295-0X


Jim Jones                     SKS     69-0X  42-0X  39-0X  142-1X                        292-1X



Rimfire Match


Greg Evans                  M&P   64-0X  59-0X  73-0X  158-1X                        354-1X


Today’s match was blessed with varying weather.  Monsoon rains came in the morning, but the afternoon cleared up and was nice.  I guess the morning shooters should have slept in


Greg Evans shot his Smith & Wesson M&P -15-22 at the SR-1 target at 100yds and did pretty well.  I’m sure we will see more of these rifles at our matches.  Fifty-five rounds of .22 ammo compared to .223 or .30 caliber stuff makes the AR look alike M&P a desirable low cost alternative for fun and even serious shooting.  Most of us shoot for fun anyway - we won’t make it to the master class – however, junior shooters and even adults with limited finances will help fill the line and make shooting more fun for everybody.  I see reduced costs bringing out more first time and recreational shooters.  As long as they are safe they are welcome.


Junior, Seth Jones again showed us all the way home.  It is nice to see young shooters improve and shoot well.  Now if we could find some more juniors ….. .        


Thanks for coming!  The next match is August 29th.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)