For the 100 yard match held

September 25, 2010 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


National Match


Dave Dunkle               M1A    89-0X  98-2X  92-1X  175-2X                        454-5X



Service Rifle Match


Pete Mathews              M1       89-2X  80-1X  82-1X  185-1X                        436-5X


Terry Sadler                SKS     75-0X  83-0X  80-0X  158-1X                        396-1X


Ed Riddle                    AR       42-0X  68-0X  84-1X  179-1X                        373-2X


Greg Evans                  M1       39-0X  51-0X  87-1X  162-0X                        339-1X


Carlos Davila              AR       56-0X  59-0X  69-0X  150-0X                        334-0X



Bolt Gun Match


Dan Gruver                 Spgfld  81-1X  75-1X  87-0X  191-3X                        434-5X


Ed Capello                  Spgfld  50-0X  48-0X  64-0X  124-1X                        286-1X                       


The cooler weather made for a nice match.  There was a bit of misty rain in the morning, nothing to bother the shooters.

Dan Gruver shot his vintage Springfield, barrel dated 1918, to his best score yet.  Congratulations Dan!

Terry Sadler shot an SKS and almost broke 400 with those sights?  A nice job!

New shooter Ed Riddle started slow, but look how he finished.  Come back Ed!

We had a couple guys checking on what we were up too.  Maybe they will give it a try next Sunday at the Terry Williams Bolt Gun Match.

 Just for the record, I plan to shoot my 200 grain cast bullets with 12 grains of Unique.  They may go pop, but those bullets go right where you aim them.  And just about zero recoil.  A fun load!  No need to get your fillings checked after fifty shots!


Thanks for coming!  The next match is October 3rd the Terry Williams Bolt Gun Match.  That is next Sunday!


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle