For the 100 yard match held

February 27, 2011 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


National Match Rifle


Tim Hunter                  AR         92-0X  90-0X  93-3X  182-0X                        457-4X


Dave Dunkle               M1A      86-0X  93-0X  82-0X  184-3X                        445-3X


Bart Wineland             M1A      90-1X  89-0X  77-0X  137-1X                        393-1X


Troy shearer                AR         85-0X  75-0X  78-0X  149-0X                        387-0X



Service Rifle Match


Doug Sheets                AR         86-1X  83-0X  90-0X  186-1x                         445-2x


Pete Mathews              M1         78-0X  86-0X  87-0X  190-2X                        441-2X


Carl Pelino                  AR         78-0X  76-0x   82-0x   178-3x                         414-3x


Terry Sadler                SKS       72-0X  85-1X  86-0X  169-1X                        412-1X


Don Green                   Mini14   49-0X  73-0X  69-0X  149-1X                        340-1X


Alan Seamon               Carb.      51-0X  41-0X  73-0X  155-0X                        320-0X


Bolt Gun Match


Ed Capello                  03A3      61-0X  60-0X  60-0X  110-0X                        291-0X


Last fall I said we changed our match schedule to the first Sunday of the month, but kept the February match at the end of February in hopes of better weather.  We got that better weather today!  Hopefully we will have a nice day next Sunday at the March match.

Things looked a little bleak at the morning relay with just four of us shooting.  Seven shooters showed up for the afternoon relay which made our day, even though they beat our morning scores Ė except in the bolt gun match.

Somebody said that our matches are a good place for new shooters to start.  We take that as a compliment, we want to get more people shooting.  We are glad to help any and all shooters although we donít claim to be experts.  We have had enough hard knocks and have learned from them.  Disasters arenít totally wasted on some of us!

Come one, come all.


Remember you can check your scores for the year on the Springs Rod & Gun Club web site:  www.springsrodandgunclub.org.

Thanks again for coming today.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)