For the 100 yard match held

April 3, 2011 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club


National Match Rifle



Dave Dunkle               M1A    89-0X  98-1X  92-0X  180-2X                        459-3X

Tim Hunter                  AR       91-0X  89-0X  89-2X  188-2X                        457-4X

Doug Sheets                AR       72-0X  94-2X  83-1X  146-1X                        395-4X

Seth Jones                   AR       76-1X  87-1X  64-0X  131-1X                        358-3X

Carl Pelino                  AR       73-0X  45-0X  74-0X  152-0X                        344-0X



Service Rifle Match


Lyle     Hoovler           M1       86-0X  77-0X  87-0X  179-2X                        429-2x

Pete Mathews              M1       82-0X  68-0X  89-2X  177-0X                        416-2X

Chip Davis                  AR       65-0X  71-0X  84-0X  176-1X                        396-1X

Terry Sadler                SKS     75-1X  56-0X  78-0X  177-1X                        386-2X

Don Green                   Mini14`41-0X 75-0X  84-0X  178-1X                        378-1X

Ethan Lam                   AR       64-0X  71-0X  77-0X  165-1X                        377-1X

Carlos Davila              AR       78-0X  75-1X  66-0X  153-1X                        372-2X

Joe Kanya                    M1       68-0X  71-0X  49-0X  157-0X                        345-0X

Ron Brown                  M1       43-0X  35-0X  44-0X  52-0X                          174-0X



Bolt Rifle Match


Steve McQuiston         03A3   68-0X  78-0X  84-1X  185-3X                        415-4X

Ed Capello                  03A3   75-0X  68-0X  63-0X  131-0X                        337-0X


It was Murphy’s Law Day!  If it could go wrong, it did!  Steve had fits loading his 03A3, Carlos had trouble with the wolf ammo and I had trouble with my op rod.  We all did have fun anyway?


Sixteen shooters may be a record number of participants for the Springs Rod & Gun Club.  We still could have handled a few more, but it was gratifying to have a good turn out on such a nice day.


Some good scores were turned in, Dave Dunkle’s sterling 98-1X in rapid sitting and Tim Hunter’s 188-2X on the SR-31 target were very nice scores.  I saw Joe Kanya shooting his slow prone from the kneeling position, he shot a respectable 157-0X.  The lone new shooter, Ethan Lam, shot a 377-1X with a borrowed AR in 7.62X39 using Wolf Ammo.  Nice shooting!  The targets were shaded so good scores were earned.


Remember you can check your scores for the year on the Springs Rod & Gun Club web site:  www.springsrodandgunclub.org.

Or www.jjgun.com For past years

Thanks again for coming today.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)