For the 100 yard Terry Williams Bolt Gun match held

October 14, 2012 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club



Terry Williams

Bolt Gun Match


Bart Wineland             O3A3  68-0X  92-0X 95-0X   188-5X                        443-5X


Steve McQuiston        O3A3  75-0X  81-0X  93-1X  187-0X                        436-1X


Dave Dunkle               O3A3  68-0X  91-0X  78-0X  184-2X                        421-2X


Nate Hunter               M77GS            67-1X  87-1X  83-0X  182-3X                        419-5X


Ron Brown                 O3A3  83-0X  73-0X  83-0X  179-2X                        418-2X                       

Dan Gruver                 O3A3  63-0X  75-0X  90-1X  189-1X                        417-2X


John Hans                   O3A3  64-0X  63-0X  75-0X  189-2X                        391-2X


John Kolacz (Jr.)         O3A3  54-0X  19-0X  10-0X  102-0X                        185-0X



Service Rifle Match


Terry Sadler                M&P   77-0X  85-0X  84-0X  183-1X                        429-1X



Jeff Mott                     M1       70-0X  58-0X  90-0X  155-1X                        373-1X


Pete Mathews             M1       63-0X  47-0X  57-0X  145-1X                        312-1X





We had a beautiful fall day for this match.  In the afternoon the warm sun brought out a horde of Asian Lady Bugs making it quite annoying for the shooters.  The bugs were all over the place with a few yellow jackets mixed in Ė you either swatted hard or not at all.


We were very pleased to have Jeff Mott, Terry Williamís grandson, fire in the match.  It made us all do a little reminiscing about Terry.  Somebody remembered Terryís purple foam matt he always used at the matches both at Greenville and here at the Springs Rod & Gun Club.  It was nice!


There was much moaning and groaning about Bartís win.  He has won every year the match has been offered!  It must be that the other shooters are trying so hard to beat him that they screw up.  Several guys have shot scores recently that would have won todayís match.  Bart just keeps rolling along.  It was said that we should just get a dozen plates made up to put on the trophy with Bartís name on them.  Maybe we could get a discount on them!  We will get one made for 2012, thatís for sure!


I thank all the shooters who attended.  If you guys didnít come, none of us would have the fun we have at these matches


www.springsrodandgunclub.org or check out the Gem City Gun club web site: www.jjgun@jjgun.com.


Thanks again for coming today.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)