For the 100 yard match held

July 1, 2012 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club



National Match Rifle


Bart Wineland              AR15   82-0X  90-1X  95-1X  184-4X                        451-6X


Dave Dunkle                M1A    87-2X  93-1X  88-4X  175-3X                        443-10X


Steve Wescott              M1A    75-0X  90-0X  89-0X  175-3X                        429-3X


Nate Hunter (1)            AR15   77-1X  84-0X  92-1X  160-1X                        413-3X


John Hans              AR (308)   70-0X  78-0X  80-0X 157-2X                        385-2X


Lyle Hoovler                M1A    76-0X 86-0X  81-0X  120-1X                        363-1X


Bill Knapp                    AR15   73-0X  59-0X  65-0X  126-0X                        323-0X



Service Rifle Match


Pete Mathews              M1       76-0X  60-0X  74-0X  185-2X                        395-2X


Nate Hunter (2)            M1       78-0X  83-1X  77-0X  169-4X                        379-5X


Emmett Waid               AR15   57-0X  32-0X  82-0X  177-2X                        348-2X


John Kolacz                 M1A    60-0X  50-0X  62-0X  173-3X                        345-3X


Steve Kolacz                AR15   50-0X  62-0X  66-0X  162-2X                        340-2X


Joe Kanya                    M1       --         --         62-0X  144-1X                        206-1X



Bolt Gun Match


Dan Gruver                  P17      54-0X  75-0X  84-0X  191-3X                        404-3X





No more complaining about it being cold.  It was hot!  In the morning the shooters battled almost what I would call “camo shadows”, the afternoon relay was also faced shadows, but more even shadows.  I have said before that it is tough to shoot at our club on bright sunny days because of the shadows – today was bright and sunny day.  Need I say more?

We had two new shooters, Emmett and Steve, both did well with unfamiliar rifles and equipment.  Yours truly had his rifle break down on the last offhand shot, so I finished with a borrowed M1.  It shot a ton once I got it sighted in.

As usual we got a lot of help from the shooters to prepare the range for the match.  Thanks guys!  They also helped put things back after the match.  Thanks again.


Remember you can check your scores on the Springs Rod & Gun Club web site:  www.springsrodandgunclub.org or check out the Gem City Gun club web site: www.jjgun@jjgun.com.


Thanks again for coming today.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)