For the 100 yard match held

August 5, 2012 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club



National Match Rifle



Dave Dunkle               M1A    72-0X  96-2X  87-0X  176-2X                        431-4X


Steve Wescott             M1A    84-0X  87-0X  91-1X  148-3X                        410-1X


Nate Hunter                AR15  61-0X  66-0X  75-0X  192-6X                        394-6X


John Hans                   AR 10 58-0X  85-1X  74-0X 157-1X                        374-2X



Bill Knapp                   AR15  74-0X  87-1X  77-0X  177-0X                        355-1X



Service Rifle Match


Terry Sadler                M&P   74-0X  88-1X  86-1X  171-1X                        419-3X



Tim Foor                     M1       72-0X  63-0X  80-0X  147-1X                        362-1X                                                Carb.


Emmett Waid              AR15  43-0X  62-0X  84-0X  173-0X                        362-0X


Greg Evans                 M&P   58-0X  50-0X  89-0X  146-0X                        343-0X


Steve Kolacz               AR15  40-0X  78-0X  76-2X  143-0X                        337-2X


John Kolacz                M1A    73-0X  63-0X  53-0X  139-0X                        328-0X


Pete Mathews             M1       74-1X  33-0X     0       160-1X                        267-2X



John Kolacz                AR15  48-0X  33-0X  45-1X  104-0X                        230-1X


Carlos Davila              M&P   5-0X    78-0X  40-0X  85-0X                          208-0X





Bolt Gun Match


Nate Hunter                03A3   47-0X  57-0X  80-0X  168-0X                        352-0X



Warm and humid with mid-day rain, still a good day to shoot.  As usual some shot well, some shot average and some stepped in the poop.

Carlos brought a pink M&P 15 in .22 caliber.  He said it was to catch everybodyís attention so they would lose concentration.  The ploy worked on me Ė Iíll learn to shoot that carbine someday!  We had some good laughs about the pink rifle!  I also heard good natured teasing between Steve Kolacz (father) and John Kolacz (son).  John didnít walk home so I guess they came to an agreement.  After the match it was decided that Carlos won the pink rifle class, Greg Evans won the black rifle class for the .22 caliber M&P match.

The next match at the Springs Rod & Gun Club is Sunday, September 2, 2012.


Remember you can check your scores on the Springs Rod & Gun Club web site:  www.springsrodandgunclub.org or check out the Gem City Gun club web site: www.jjgun@jjgun.com.


Thanks again for coming today.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)