For the 100 yard  match held

February 24, 2013 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club



National Match


Bart Wineland             M1A    90-1X  97-3X 82-1X   168-0X                        437-5X


Nate Hunter               M1A    80-0X  74-0X  72-0X  146-2X                        372-2X





Service Rifle Match


Dave Dunkle               M1A    84-0X  90-0X  81-1X  200-9X                        455-10X


Emmett Waid              AR15  69-1X  75-0X  77-1X  172-0X                        393-2X


Pete Mathews             M1       82-0X  66-0X  65-0X  180-0X                        393-0X


John Kolacz (Jr.)         M1       66-0X  82-2X  85-2X  152-1X                        385-5X


Nate Hunter                M1       65-0X  58-0X  74-0X  167-1X                        364-1X


Jolin Zimmerman        M1       28-0X  12-0X  46-0X  172-1X                        258-1X


New shooter Jolin appears to have found how to shoot a Garand!  Nice recovery on that 172-1X in slow prone.  Dave Dunkle's 200-9X shot on a SR-1 target is the best score slow prone we have ever had at the SR&GC range.  Dave usually shoots in the National Match Class, but we slipped up on changing targets.  It was a bit chilly that day!

Anyway, thanks for coming.


The next match at the SR&GC is this coming Sunday, March 3, 2013.  Same format as usual, a relay at 8:30AM and another at 1:30PM.  Other relays as needed.


Some of you received these scores earlier, please excuse me if that is so.  I lost my address book and we went to gmail.  That in its self should explain why I have things duplicating or not happening at all.  I think my children, the computer experts, have me back with Outlook Express and now also Gmail.