For the 100 yard match held

March 3, 2013 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club



National Match Rifle


Dave Dunkle                M1A    87-0X  94-0X  80-3X  180-1X                        441-4X


Steve Wescott              M1A    80-0X  91-2X  87-0X  175-1X                        433-3X


Bart Wineland              M1A    84-2X  91-1X  90-0X  160-0X                        425-3X


Ron Brown                   M1A    58-0X  75-1X  59-0X  145-0X                        347-1X



Service Rifle Match


Nate Hunter                 M1       90-1X  79-0X  84-0X 164-1X                         417-2X


Joe Kanya                    M1       66-0X  77-0X  84-0X  167-1X                        394-1X


Ed Wineland                 M1       27-0X  21-0X  41-0X  128-0X                        217-0X



Bolt Gun Match


Steve McQuiston          03A3   62-0X  80-0X  86-1X  176-3X                        404-4X



The weather was about the same as last week.  Cold!  Still, some good scores were shot, Nate Hunter had the high offhand score of the day with a 90-1X, shot with his Garand.  Joe Kanya shot his best score ever at the SR&GC, a 394-1X.  Congratulations to Nate and Joe and everybody for braving the sub-twenty degrees in the morning.  It wasen't much warmer in the afternoon.

Ed Wineland appears resigned to master his M1 Carbine.  Hang in there Ed!

Thanks for coming.  The next match is the first Sunday in April.


Remember you can check your scores for the year on the Springs Rod & Gun Club web site:  www.springsrodandgunclub.org.


Thanks again for coming today.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)