For the 100 yard match held

April 7, 2013 at the Springs Rod & Gun Club



National Match Rifle


Dave Dunkle               M1A    81-1X  95-4X  89-0X  172-2X                        437-7X


Steve Wescott             M1A    88-0X  90-0X  83-0X  160-1X                        421-1X


Lyle Hoovler               AR15  80-1X  89-0X  79-1X  161-0X                        409-2X



Service Rifle Match


Andrew Burr (Jr.)       AR15  49-0X  49-0X  83-0X  181-1X                        362-1X


Joe Kanya                   M1       35-0X  78-0X  61-0X  136-0X                        310-0X





Bolt Gun Match


Dan Gruver                 03A3   79-0X  81-1X  88-1X  185-2X                        433-4X


Ed Capello                  03A3   62-0X  71-0X  59-0X  102-0X                        294-0X





.22 Match


Greg Evans     M&P .22         44-0X  75-0X  73-0X  166-0X                        358-0X




Spring finally arrived today.  It was windy and cool in the morning, but finally shirt sleeve weather in the afternoon.

Attendance was down, perhaps due to other matches scheduled around Easter and spring crappie fishing.  Those that shot had pretty good shooting conditions

We welcomed a new junior, Lyle Hoovler's grandson Andrew Burr.  Andrew started a bit rough, but finished strong.  His 181-1X in slow pronewas the second best score of the day in that event.  We continue to like to see juniors and ladies do well, especially in their first effort!  The several of us had a good time comparing the battle scars of life gained over the last several years.  It is nice to still be on this side of the sod!  

Remember you can check your scores on the Springs Rod & Gun Club web site:  www.springsrgc.org or check out the Gem City Gun club web site: www.jjgun@jjgun.com.

Note the change in the SR&GC web site address.


Thanks again for coming today.


Pete Mathews (398-4368)    Dave Dunkle   (398-4052)