National Match

Shooter                                                                  OH                          RS                    RP                     SP                      Total

Dave Dunkle  AR-15 scope .223                           85  1x                    93  1x                96   2x                 188  6x              462  10x
Nate Hunter AR-15 scope  .223                            90                          87                      93   2x                 188  3x              458   5x
Jim Flick  AR-15  Iron sights .223                         80  1x                     95  2x                88                        158  1x             421   4x
Dan Gruver AR-15 Iron sights .223                      48  1x                     88                      83  1x                  175  1x              394   3x

Service Rifle

Rodney Barton  M1 Garand 30/06                        75                           84                     80                            83   1x            322   2x
Ed Wineland  30-m1 carbine  .30                          35                           66                     67   1x                   142                  310   1x

Rain yet again kept a few of us away. Morning relay had one pretty good shower to deal with but no problems after that. Afternoon relay
cleared off nicely.  4 national match shooters today all with AR's. Jim and Dan shooting tough guy irons and did well. Welcome back Jim Flick who hasn't been with us for sometime. Hope you
had fun.  Dan Gruver had some issues early in the match with his gun but stuck it out and ended with a good day. Rodney would have done
better if he would have remembered the slow prone match calls for 20 shots, not 10 ;-)    Thanks to all that came, helped set up, and to Dave and Nate for calling.