Today was our last High Power Match for 2023 and we had a beautiful day and a good turnout.    Dan Gruver was our High Shooter today and won the National Match class, and we were pleased to have two Junior Shooters today, Nolan and Graham Dunkle. Three folks saw their scores improve when I did the calculator work after the match (you're welcome) but Nolan lost a few points and still managed to win the Service Rifle Class.
  We hope everyone had a fun season and is looking forward to coming back next year.  Every month, all the participants pitch in and help make these matches possible, but I would like to give a special thanks to Ed Wineland, who opens the grounds and sweeps and helps set up every match, and a very special thanks to Martha Mathews for bringing lunch and feeding the hired help each month, along with our Range Officer Emeritus, Pete Mathews.  As always, my partner Nate Hunter's help running these matches is invaluable.
  One last note is a reminder about our annual Bolt Gun Match in two weeks, on October 15th.  Same time and, hopefully, enough interest to run the usual two Relays, at 9 am and 1:30 pm on that Sunday.  As before, the course of fire will be 10 shots, slow fire, from each of the basic four positions- Offhand, Sitting, Kneeling, and Prone.  Any type sighted rifle is OK and we still have a .22 class also.
  Thank you all and have a good winter.

Springs Rod and Gun Club

High Power Rifle Match


National Match
Dan Gruver AR15/ scope .223 79-1x 86 97-2x 186-4x 448-7x
Nate Hunter AR15/ scope .223 83 88-1x 96-2x 180-3x 447-6x
Dave Dunkle AR15/ scope .223 80 88-1x 87 183 438-1x
Service Rifle

Nolan Dunkle
AR15/ scope .223 48 90 92-1x 181-4x 411-5x
Tom Mattis AR15/ iron .223 67 77-1x 68 122 334-1x
Ed Wineland M1A/ iron .308 45 42 81-1x 120 288-1x
.22 Rifle

Phil Right Rug.Am/scope .22mag 65 78 79-1x 149-1x 371-2x
Graham Dunkle
M&P 15-22/scope .22 53 77-1x 76 129-1x 335-2x