Springs Rod and Gun Club  5-7-2023
Here are the results of the May High Power Match.  We ended up only shooting in the morning, but had a pretty good turnout.  The two Dans were neck to neck in the National Match category but Dan ultimately won, and took the overall High Score of the match by one point over Nate Hunter's 450, the winner of the Service Rifle Match. 
  It was wonderful to welcome a new shooter, Melody Koon, who also won the .22 division.  Of course, being the only competitor in the category helps.  Despite a little shower we had nice weather and a really good day.  We would love to see more shooters come out to our next match.
  I guess some people have trouble opening my attachments so I am pasting the results in the body of this email, too.
Springs Rod and Gun Club

High Power Rifle Match

National Match
Dan Campbell AR15/ scope .223 85 96-2x 87 183-2x 451-4x
Dan Gruver AR15/ scope .223 79-1x 92-1x 88-1x 188-1x 447-4x
Service Rifle

Nate Hunter AR15/ scope .223 77 81 97 195-3x 450-3x
Nolan Dunkle AR15/ scope .223 68 85 89-1x 182-2x 424-3x
Ed Wineland M1A/ iron .308 44 43 73 163-2x 323-2x
Sam De Simone M1A/ iron .308 65 29 11 145 250
.22 Rifle

Melody Koon M&P 15-22/scope .22 68 79 71 118-1x 336-1x