Dear SRGC Target Match Participant,

High Power Rifle Match
  The Springs Rod and Gun Club will be holding it's first High Power Rifle Match of the season on Sunday, April 7th.  Matches are held the first Sunday of every month through the spring, summer, and fall.  The gate opens at 8:00 for the morning relay, with the first shots fired at 9.  The afternoon relay meets at 1:00 with first shots at 1:30.  As always, everyone is welcome.  Matches are held on the 100 yard range at the Club grounds, one mile North of Cambridge Springs, on Route 99.
   We can accommodate hunting type rifles, and a special .22 division has also been added, with ammo available for competitors.  Participation in one of these matches satisfies the Marksmanship requirement towards purchasing military surplus rifles and ammunition  through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (
  For more information call:  814-398-4052 or 814-398-4368.